Rock your socks! Today is World Down Syndrome Day; a day to celebrate our differences

Lily's Island

Less is more” is a phrase signifying that simplicity and clarity together lead to a good design. It is also a big component of the DNA belonging to Lily’s Island, a Swedish lifestyle brand founded in 2014. Inspired by kids’ energetic and curious nature, within Lily’s Island, there is no doubt that children are the centre of attention. Lily’s Island aim at creating products that reflect durability while providing kids with all the joy they deserve.

Lily’s Island highly value, and only work with manufacturers who actually care for their workers and provide good working conditions. They also aim at creating products as environmentally-friendly and as sustainable as possible. Sustainability is taken into account through all stages of the manufacturing process, all the way from materials to packaging.

Lily’s Island believe in giving back, and herewith donate five percent of their profit to charities, one of which is Project Playground, an organization that aims at helping children all around the world.