Kalle Kryp

Kalle Kryp Green Blue

Przedmiot jest obecnie niedostępny
Knee pads in red/green/purple.

Kalle Kryp is a new, unique and simple help for children who is going to crawl or is already crawling. The stretchable and soft pads is pulled over the child knees and can be used both over trousers or when the child is barelegged. With all parquet and wooden-floors it is more difficult for children to get a hold with their knees when they want to crawl.

The functional, printed, anti-slip dots on the pad makes the child get a hold on slippery floors. The pads also protects clothes from wear and tear and small knees protects from splinters and hard surfaces. The product, a pad with a woven Kalle Kryp-figure with printed anti-slip dots/ silicon dots, is made in happy colors that suits both boys and girls.

One-size fits all crawling baby-knees.

Made of 80% bomull, 15% polyamid och 5% lycra.
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