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Happy Birthday Babyshop! Use code BABYSHOPBIRTHDAY *

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A global pandemic takes nothing into consideration. It won’t pause for big sports events, bow down to graduations or bother about our wishes to get our normal lives back. Nor does it care about coming in the way of millions of birthday celebrations.


We know there are many kids out there who are not able to celebrate their birthdays as wished and planned for due to the Coronavirus. It’s the same for us! This week, Babyshop is turning 14 years old, and all we wished for was to celebrate together, as the big, happy, hard-working, international family we are.


Instead, we’ll have to celebrate from a distance. But that doesn’t mean we will cancel the celebrations – no way! Throughout this week, we invite you to celebrate with us during four different parties. We hope to inspire you to host a party of your own. Either a virtual one, or to start planning for a real one when all this is over – we’ll share tips for both versions. Join the celebrations!