Welcome to our Green Page! This is where we’ve collected all products that fulfill the Babyshop standards to be considered part of our more sustainable assortment. These standards are based on 13 sets of requirements focusing on various parts of the production process and supply chain.
Some of these requirements are set and controlled by 3rd party certifications that are well-known and respected, working hard to achieve a more sustainable way of working in their respective niches. Others have been set by Babyshop, as a way of highlighting the assortment we consider to be the better choice – for one or more reasons. Using recycled or organically produced materials, ensuring workplace safety, protecting the well-being of animals, reducing emissions and the use of harmful chemicals – these are just some examples. We invite you to read more about our green page assortment here.
A product that ends up on our Green Page meets the requirements of at least one of these 13 categories, and in many cases, even more. That is why we highlight them with the Green leaf – to make it easy for you to fill your shopping cart with all the good greens.