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Dziecięce towary

On these pages you’ll find all the baby products you need to get a simple and stylish life with your little one. We offer products from well-known brands of high quality, such as diaper bags, baby carriers, high chairs, potties, breastfeeding pillows, babymonitors, bibs and children's tableware; simply all the practical things you need for your child.

The practical diaper bags in this category, are that indispensable companion with a fashion twist that all parents should have. With its convenient pockets, you can easily store all the necessary things that you need to take with you when you are out and about with your baby. We’ve got a variety of diaper bag models, in classical solid colors as well as more trendy patterend designs, so you can find the diaper bag that suits your style best.

As the child gets older and begins daycare or pre-school, it's time to get a  suitable school bag. Here you’ll find both spacious and nice bags and backpacks that are perfect for tours, activities and school supplies. If you’re planning to travel with your baby, take a look at our "Zoo" - series with suitcases for the little ones. With these smart backpacks on wheels, your child can easily and securely carry their own luggage in a busy crowded airport.

All parents should carry their child in an ergonomic way to make sure that you protect and don’t hurt your back, our best advice is to invest in a good baby carrier from one of the experts in the field, BabyBjörn and Ergobaby are two of them and can be found in our children’s prodycts category. A baby carrier will not only help you carry the baby in a correct way, but is a perfect help when you’re performing your everyday tasks. In our range of baby carriers you’ll find models that allowa you to carry your baby on opur back until the time when your child turns 4 years.

Breastfeeding is usually a wonderful time in the life of the mother and child. To get a positive experience as possible, we’ve collected some products that will make breastfeeding more comfortable, our breastfeeding pillows ensures that your child is comfortable while you who’s breastfeeding receive the support, and the relief that you need to feel good.

A baby is growing fast, and you’ll need a variety of children's products to satisfy all the needs you’ll bump into along the way. Something that most parents swear by is pacifiers, baby bottles, plates that are interesting for the child to eat at, a spoon that fits your child's hands properly and of course a bib that protect your child clothes. All of which you can find under the children’s category.