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In this category you’ll find children's interior and toys such as children's furniture, cuddly toys & dolls, puzzles, activity gyms, storage, mobiles, wall decorations, games, activity books and cuddle blankets. Use our filter function so that you easier can find what you’re looking for.

It's never too early to start nesting! It is with great enthusiasm that we present our children's interior and toys - category that we, besides toys, filled with chairs, tables, cribs, cradles and a variety of beautiful items for the children's room. We know how important it is for your child's well-being to have a caring environment around them. Not only should the child's home environment  be safe and comfortable, it should also also promote child development. Make sure to fill your children's room with stylish and inspiring furniture, paintings, pillows, wallpaper and all other things you need to create the room of your dreams and we promise you that it will bring a smile to your child's face.

To decorate a kid's room and choosing the right children’s interior is an exciting and creative process, the products that you’ll find in our children's interior and toys - category come from the som of the world’s leading furniture and interior producers who offers elegant and safe products that easily can be coexist with your existing decor.

One of the first furniture you’ll buy for your child is most likely a cozy crib or cradle to sleep in, in our children's interior and toys category we’ve got trendy furniture that are developed in cooperation with both pediatricians and industrial designers. In bed textiles will find all of our linens, pillows and cot cover made of soft eco-friendly materials that are gentle to your baby's skin. You'll also find a variety of storage boxes and baskets in different sizes and colors that are perfect to collect toys in.

All parents with children over five months need a high chair to have at the dinner table. Our high chairs are safety certified and can easily be adapted to your child’s age and size as necessary, they’re really a perfect tool when your child is learning to eat independently.

The best toys stimulate your child's imagination, encourages thinking and creativity. A child's development can best be fostered by toys that combine developments in various fields. Puzzles, games and cuddly toys are all good exmples of that, they’ll encourage imagination, exercise and motor skills. There are also good examples of toys that you easily can bring on your travels, they are easy to carry and will saves you from all the long and boring moments on the move.

The first thing you should do when you choose a toy is to determine who you’re choosing a toy for. The most important aspect when choosing a toy is that it appeals to your child, so let your child be apart of the selection process.

Different age groups have different preferences when it comes to what type of toys that they prefer. Toys strengthens your a child's motor and cognitive skills, so choosing age appropriate toys is important. Under the children's interior and toys category, we’ve got several of options to choose from, here are some guidelines that might be useful to take with you when purchasing toys.

- Infants in the age between 0-6 months are starting to use their senses and are fascinated by toys that have striking visual appeal, different textures and that emits sound. A newborn's sight is not fully developed during the first few months, so it’s important to choose toys that have sharp patterns. Your child will react to sources of music and sound, so choose toys that make soft sounds and slow, rhythmic motion. Baby mobiles, rattles and pacifiers are some examples of toys you can buy for the smallest child.

- For infants in the age between 6-12 months, it’s good to choose toys that have bright colors, interesting textures, that makes funny sounds and that are free from small loose parts. Children in this age group should be introduced to toys that make sounds and that’s stimulating vision and touch. Look for toys that are lightweight and that features bright colors.

- For young children between 1-3 years, scooters and other activity toys such as balls, puzzles, and large blocks to draw on is the perfect choose. This age group responds best to toys that will make them work a little bit and that results in them feeling that they’ve accomplished a goal.

- Preschoolers (3-5 years) is fascinated by how things work. This age group appreciate games that include kits, board games, painting, playing with clay, drawing and painting. This age group is also interested in imaginary games, such as playing kitchen, store / cash register, dollhouse and furniture. Films are also important and highly apreciated at this stage.

- School-age children (5-9 years) should be encouraged to share and socialize, so the list of toys they like to play with include board games, sports toys and learning toys. Electronic toys with sound and light are also proposed for school-age children

- Pre-teens (9-12 years), are at an age where they build their self-esteem. In this period it’s important with being accepted by their peers. This age group still has some interest in toys, but then more in the form of electronics, board games, activity kits, card and sports games. For this age, we also recommend physical sports and games.