Children's shoes 2-4 Years

For all active children we have put together a bunch of functional and stylish children's shoes 2-4 years. When your everyday life is about to try and discover new things, it’s important to have a few reliable shoes that can handle both wet and dry wheather. We have plenty of options which mixes both style and function, because who has said that one can’t discover the world in style?

For the summer sun, we’ve got sandals for the little feet  to walk around in. We’ve got plenty of colors to match the baby's favorite bathing suit and shorts with. For winter we have several waterproof, lined shoe models that keeps the foot dry and warm, so that you can play around in the snow. Going to a party? Well we’ve got several festive models that calls your child to hit the dancefloor. We also have a wide assortment of sneakers that are both comfortable and cool.

Around the age of four, your child’s feet usally are twice as big as they were at birth. Children's shoes may have slightly firmer soles than baby shoes are, but there still should be plenty of room for flexibility. Even if your child isn’t a baby anymore, it’s feet continues to grow rapidly for a long time to come. Between the ages 2-4  most children's feet grow at least half a shoe size every four to five months, therefore we recommend you to buy children's shoes that are 1.5 cm larger than the measurement of your childs footpad, although you should make sure to avoid  to buy shoes that are larger than this, otherwise your child will be exposed to the risk of tripping. When you select children's shoes 2-4 years you should choose leather and canvas materials that breaths better. We’ve got several of shoe models to choose from that satisfies all the desirable properties for your child's feet to grow in a healthy way.