Bobo Choses

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Be enthralled by Bobo Choses enchanting world of children's products. The popular brand is stationed in Barcelona, offers a wide range of clothing, footwear and furnishings, all of which are both trendy and stylish, characterized with a twist of humour.

The brand was founded in 2008, aiming to provide clothes that capture the magical and passionate ways in which children express themselves. The first collection was admired by both media and consumers, and the brand has now become a big favourite within the children’s fashion world.

All collections within Bobo Choses are created based on a story and its character, thus providing the products with a special meaning. Adriana Esperalba is founder and president of the company, and stands behind all of the brand’s iconic hand-illustrated prints. She is also the one who controls all the creative work at the old toy factory near the Mediterranean Sea. Adriana’s diligent colour and material choices are what breathes real life into the brand’s garments.

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